Grace, 18, Sydney.
I love reading, sleeping, running.
This is my blog; it is not pro-ana, mia, or self-harm. If you wish to develop any of these diseases or addictions: fuck off, go eat a sandwhich and count your blessings. If you find my blog triggering, close the window and go talk to someone. But if you can't I am always here with open arms.

i may be ugly but at least 
nevermind my personality sucks too

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But I Am Trying by Ariee



This picture means a lot to me. It shows what it’s like to break free of depression. You’re trapped inside this dead thing that’s holding you down, making you afraid and miserable. But when you find the strength and courage to fight back, you realize you’re going to be ok.

I love this.



when ur parents go out food shopping


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"Stress was invented to give us something to bitch about."
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I could have went to the party dressed as me in a skirt. Or me in all black and converse. Aka wear whatever the fuck you want.

but that shirt = wonderful


it’s weird watching Australian dramas on the ABC because no matter how good they are (some are quite good) there will always be an actor who was on Playschool who turns up and throws you off

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